relativatreeRelativaTree was founded by Janette Silverman, a genealogist with three decades of experience, to offer genealogical research and consulting services.  RelativaTree can provide in-depth genealogical research services to discover your ancestral roots, complete with a genealogical report, trees for each branch of your family and a historical context report.  If you prefer to undertake your own genealogical journey, RelativaTree can provide training and consulting services on using available on-line genealogical databases and others resources in the United States, Canada, Israel and Europe.  Additionally RelativaTree can provide support and consulting services on building your family tree.

Services for courts and attorneys

RelativaTree can provide genealogical and research services to assist parties or courts in locating heirs, missing persons, birth, marriage and death records or other genealogical resources useful in probate, family law, and related matters.   In matters involving litigation, RelativaTree will only work directly with the attorney for the party or the court, and will not undertake separate projects for represented parties.